Goodreads review: Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun)

Review by Sindy Castellanos :

“An endearing and profound description, that never misses an opportunity to show Maureen’s great sense of humor, in the midst of what it means to experience a stroke: its symptoms, suffering and consequences. What is admirable, in the journey that the reader makes together with the author, is her optimistic, fighting and conscious attitude to recover her life; and the beautiful and wise expressions of support from the people around her. It is a great testimony!”


2022 Reading Challenge

Join the 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge! Set (and easily track) your reading goals for the new year with our annual challenge” — Goodreads

(January 5, 2022) I’m going to take the 2022 Reading Challenge!

Begin reading January 7, 2022 book: Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun)

Finished reading this book: January 7, 2022 (fast read, 316 pages total)

My rating of this book: 5 stars

Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun)

(Review by Steve Beaumont):

β€œI always wondered what a stroke victim thinks on the inside while looking at the world not able to communicate. Maureen’s personal, humorous and thoughtful account of her own stroke and road to recovery reminded me that if you are smart, creative, funny, sensitive, caring and surrounded by family and friends who love you then nothing changes on the inside despite everything changing on the outside.

Whoever thought suffering a stroke could be so inspiring? Only when Maureen Twomey tells the story.”

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Well, since I’ve now meant my 2022 Reading Challenge (100%) I will update my challenge in 2022 to read more books. With be luck! πŸ˜‰

Do the 2022 Challenge too:

“2022 Reading Challenge: Set (and easily track) your reading goals for the new year with our annual challenge” — Goodreads


Maureen’s books in 2021

I’ve read 17 books total in 2021, but these books below Goodreads didn’t add them to the list (WHAT?!). Weird.
First here’s the list that Goodreads didn’t add in 2021:

The Midnight Library (by Matt Haig)

Nothing to See Here (by Kevin Wilson)

Britt-Marie Was Here (by Fredrik Backman)

Brat: An ’80s Story (by Andrew McCarthy)

In Five Years (by Rebecca Serle)

Next, here’s Goodreads list of what I’ve read in 2021:

And best books (I think):

The Midnight Library (by Matt Haig)

The One (by John Marrs)

Paradise: The Town’s Struggle … (by Lizzie Johnson)

Nothing to See Here (by Kevin Wilson)

Ghosted (by Rosie Walsh)

This Time Next Year (by Sophie Cousens)

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Review: Before, Afdre, and After

Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke . . . oh what fun)

byΒ Maureen Twomey

“This is an inspiring story about the writer herself, about how she handled the very rare disease happened to her. I appreciate her humor so much and enjoy reading how she recovered from the stroke, how she organized her life step by step, how many progresses she has made day by day.

When we are healthy and safe, we seldom think about severe diseases or disasters. However, these bad things can happen at any time and any age. The writer’s story reminds me that how much I should be grateful for what I have and how I should face the difficulties of my own life.”

Goodreads, Before, Afdre, and After

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My audible book

I was listening to an audible book. I wanted to pause it, but it wasn’t working. Hey what’s the deal?  🀨

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P.S.: Good book by the way,

What Alice Forgot By: Liane Moriarty

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