My Halloween costumes?

Some people every year have the best costumes. Obviously, I never won the best costume, but here’s some of mine over the years:


Julie Brown, the singer — “‘Cause I’m A Blonde” (I’m sitting down)

1 Julie Brown

Here’s the real Julie Brown:


Snow White:

10 Snow White


The Sweeney Sisters (SNL)

2 The Sweeney Sisters


Martha Quinn on MTV

3 Martha Quinn


Money laundering scheme

… More people though, “Are you just money?”

So I had to explain the costume every time. Only one person got my costume.

He said, “HAAAAA! Money laundering scheme! I love it!”

Finally someone got it.

4 Money laundering scheme


Sinead O’Connor

… Okay, I didn’t dress up like Sinead O’Connor. I had to shave my head because I was going to surgery.

A month later, I looked like Sinead O’Connor! 😉

5 Sinead O'Connor


I’m an old Lounge Singer:

9 lounge singer


Girl Scout:

6 Girl Scout


I’m Facebook:

7 Facebook


Nancy Pelosi  🙂

8 Nancy P. 2 pic


Happy Halloween everyone!

11 Giant punken