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The Long and Short Stories of Life

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Writing is a solitary activity, but when you’re finished writing, where do you turn  to market, promote, and get reviews for your work? Your book is finally published, yet the only salesyou’ve made have been on Amazon’s free give-away days. Those free sales haven’t garnered you any reviews.

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is one of a handful of groups that the indie community can count on to push us and our work. RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (#RRBC) provides support, but it also offers perks to its members on a daily basis!

RRBC motivates and celebrates independent authors by pushing old and new releases.  Author/members participate in reciprocal practices like tweeting and retweeting each other on Twitter. We sponsor members on blog tours and in return, members sponsor us.

We all love to read, right? If you leave an honest review for a member author, more than likely, they’ll leave one…

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