Introduction of my book :)

Do you want to see my introduction of Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun)  ?

I thought so  😉

Introduction of Before, Afdre, and After


“Maureen Twomey wrote this amazing book about how she survived a stroke at age 33! It is sooooooo good. Read it! You will laugh and cry and enjoy it. I know, because I stayed up until 1:30 last night and couldn’t put it down!”


Here’s more info, where you can get it, reviews, etc.


I’m trying to write something new

2016 Ooh! Calendar!

I’m trying to write something new for you to read. So you can say, “Wow! I love Maureen’s articles/books/etc! And how she writes almost everyday!”

Sadly, I don’t write too often. Also, if I had a blog 16 years ago, I would have a lot to talk about. But now — well, see what I mean here:


Well hopefully though, I’ll come up with some great article/etc. for you to read soon. Until then, you can read much better articles/writings/books/etc., right below and above.

Have fun,

Maureen  🙂


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P.S.: Just kidding.