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“If you need some inspiration today – my high school and UCLA (and fellow Sproul Hall front desker!) friend Maureen E. Twomey gave a great interview this morning about her post-stoke experience, which she documented in her own book. She never lost her sense of humor during the whole ordeal, which is saying something!” – Tanya Appuhn Crates


“She rambles a bit, but listen two her anyway.” – Maureen Twomey



Before, Afdre, and After …

Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke . . . oh what fun)

2017 PW Before,

“When Maureen Twomey was only thirty-three years old, she experienced a massive stroke-one that took away her ability to read, write, walk, and even speak (AAAAAAAHHH!!). Well, she wasn’t about to go down without a fight …

In Before, Afdre and After, Twomey offers a sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes comical, and ultimately inspiring glimpse at what it is to lose everything when you’re supposed to be in the prime of your life-and what it takes to get it back, piece by tiny piece.”


“What’s so funny and inspiring about a stroke? Now I know..”

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Dear President, …



Dear President Donald Trump,


I hear you need a new nation security adviser. You’re in luck! I would be a great nation security adviser.


Actually, I really don’t know much about what nation security adviser does. I was a copywriter in advertising. But like you, I watch TV news and regular shows. I didn’t watch The Apprentice (sorry). However, I’ve never gotten fired from my real job, so that’s a plus don’t you think?


I didn’t vote for you, but unlike Michael Flynn, I’ve never lied. Well, I once stole a candy bar when I was 9 years old. But someone saw what I did (it was my Dad) so I had to go back to the store and tell the manager what I did. She was mad at me, but she just warned me to never do it again. Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson!


Anyway, let me know when I can start the job. Thanks!



Maureen Twomey

Author, Maureen Twomey, RRBC

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