My Old Book Updated

When I was in six grade, my school closed, so you can’t get a copy of this WONDERFUL book. Until I get more print books to sell (haa!), here’s a copy of Sally the Snow Girl


Sally the … 1

Yes, it’s a real book:

By Maureen Twomey (when I was in second grade), Edited by Laura Varich


Sally the 2

Sally the 3

Ooh! It’s snowing!:

Sally the 4

Saplly the 5Sally 6

Sally the 4 1:2


Oh wait …

Sally 7

but …

Sally 8

Sally 9

… Now I thought I was finished with my book. But Laura said it’s too short.

“What?!” I said. “It’s perfect!!”

Laura said sorry; you have to come up with some more stuff.

So I said …

Sally 10

(I had to think of it right on the spot … kind of Improvisation Theatre, but not funny.)


Sally 11



Sally 12

Sally 13

Hey, I know Fuzzy the boy dog, but who is the other girl dog?

Oh, the girl dog is Brownie:

Sally 14

I said Sue and Tom got married “A couple of years later …”??
How old were they? 7? 10? 18?
I didn’t say in my book … and now I can’t remember.

Aaah! — Oh please, hopefully I thought it was 18, because, “A little later Sue had a baby”

Sally 15

Sally 16
“NOW am I done?” I said to Laura.


Thank goodness.

The End


After the book was published, I was going to go on tour to promote my book, but my parents wouldn’t let me go, because I was still in second grade. Shoot.

Feel free to write a review if you want …



5 thoughts on “My Old Book Updated

  1. David Butler said: “While reading the touching story of Sue and Sally, I was amazed to see several words that you were to use 20 years later in a variety of Nissan ads. Words such as: the, and, hot, outside and big.

    Yes, Maureen, big things were in store for you, even then.”


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