PEZ Presidents

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“Presidents of The United States Volume 9 – Pez Limited Edition Collectible Gift Set (Obama, Clinton, Bush)

by PEZ Candy …”

PEZ PresidentsOoh! also says, “Frequently Bought Together”:







Whoohooo! I’ve never purchased PEZ on … Well maybe I will wait until the new President (2017) also gets a PEZ of them.

Thanks for the heads up Amazon!


; )

“An inspirational book”

Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun)

“Maureen is an amazing writer whose heartfelt and humorous book tells the story of her stroke and the long road of rehabilitation and recovery.

As a speech therapist, who teaches communication classes to stroke survivors, I found Maureen’s book captured the feelings and struggle that so many individuals experience in their recovery. In our stroke-communication class we read and discussed her book together, and Maureen’s voice and message resonated with everyone.

It is very fortunate for us that Maureen decided that this was the story she would write a book about! This book is a great tool for stroke survivors and is an inspiration to all who read it.”

2015 book - cropped-Before, A….g




New Resumé! (?)


I never thought I was an artist too, but maybe I am? What do you think:


New Resumé:

Somewhat Good Drawings etc.

by Maureen Twomey



Sally the Snow Girl  (second grade)

Sally 9



I’m the third on the right. A sophomore, I played xylophone. 

; )

m.v.h. 2


1987 (?)

Bag guy 1989



1990 — (No, this is not a real ad)

Honda A. 1991



1993 – When I was in the ad Traffic department:




1994 – (Band-Aid on my left finger)

Finger 2004




Can Do Draw me?




1999 – Chiat/Day  (or TBWA\Chiat\Day)

Chiat:Day art


I drew this in 2014, but in June 2000, I had a huge stroke (D’oh!!!), so I was in the hospital …

(I wrote a new book, Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke … oh what fun) :





August 2000 – (I use to be right handed, so this is my left hand)


First Name 2000



2009 – Homework:


Latin Roots 2009



2011 – (Me) 





February 28, 2016, the Oscars:




I hope you enjoyed my work … I think I should contact an art gallery so they can display my art too? Wish me luck!