The Law & Maureen’s book … ;)

I went to the Annual administrative Law Judge training, one lecture:
Litigants and Witnesses with Brain Injuries

* Margaret M. Broussard, Presiding Administrative Law Judge, Special Education

* Guest speaker: Maureen Twomey,
Author: Before, Afdre, and After

2016 Maureen Law Judge now


(After the talk, I’m now a official Judge. Yes!
Well no, but I got to try on the robe 😉
Thanks Margaret!)

2016 Law 1 jpg

In conclusion, the Law Judge agreed:
“Incredible story of perseverance”
By Peggy Broussard

“Wow! Not only did Maureen survive, she thrived. The book gives an honest glimpse into the world of someone who has confronted a life changing, terrifying event. Her daily struggles are detailed in a way that makes you laugh, cry and, most of all, root for her ongoing success. I got so caught up in the story, I could not put the book down. Well written and inspiring.”


My book on Amazon:






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