Goodreads review :) “Before, Afdre, and After”

“Before, Afdre, and After” – on

Matteo: “Okay, first, a disclaimer: Maureen is my cousin.Having said that: this was still a great book. I realized as I read it that I didn’t really know Maureen very well. She had her stroke while I was midway through college in San Diego. I knew her as an older cousin whom I saw at family events, and that was about it. I didn’t know about her life, where she had gone to school, what she had done, any of that.

I started the book yesterday afternoon. I finished it three hours later. I’ve known that Maureen has a sense of humor, but to have kept that after all she has gone through, after everything she has had to re-learn, is incredible. I can’t imagine what it was like.

Maureen’s point of view and flair is infectious. This is an uplifting, positive book that covers some serious material, but always with an eye toward the future and getting better. She never gave up. It really puts things in perspective.”

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